Kubernetes as a Service on Your Infrastructure

Your developers enjoy the benefits of Kubernetes. We do everything else. We are your Kubernetes ops team.

code configuration

Application Migration Services

Our team of Kubernetes experts will assist your engineers with porting your existing applications to kubernetes.

  • Best practices for "containerizing" complex applications.
  • Compatibility across environments: same codebase for bare metal, AWS and VMWare.
  • Architecture and implementation of stateful services like data stores.
  • Migration of ops procedure like backups and snapshots for the Kubernetes model.

Production-Hardened kubernetes clusters

Our Team helps in provision hundreds of kubernetes Clusters

  • AWS optimized configurations.
  • Bare metal optimized configurations.
  • Highly available (HA)
  • Cluster state snapshots and restore.
  • Kubernetes version upgrades and rollbacks.
architectural consulting

Managed by Gravitational

We are your ops team reponsible for delivering SLAs for your kubernetes clusters.

  • We provide patches, upgrades and remote assistance.
  • We integrate Kubernetes with your existing ops tools and monitoring systems.
  • Our team handles incident escalation 24/7.

Integrated into your Organization

We help adopt Kubernetes to your unique needs.

  • Enhanced intra-cluster security and encryption.
  • Tight integration between Kubernetes and SSH access.
  • Everything we do with your clusters is recorded and auditable.
  • Compatible Kubernetes environments between AWS, bare metal and even developer laptops.
DevOps consulting

Enterprise Devops Assessment

Many enterprises have maturity in their DevOps Process, but can feel stuck in what to do next? we provide an assessment of your company’s current DevOps state, documentation of your pains, setting of your desired state, finding the gaps and planning out next steps.

    When should you do this?
  • When you have complex, multi-site, enterprise DevOps challenges, but are looking for best practices and methods to take the next step in your journey.
  • What will Kubeify provide?
  • Thorough review of architecture/code/practices/tools to understand your challenges
  • Interviews and round tables with engineers and managers
  • Thorough review of CI/CD pipelines and dashboards to surface pain points
  • Summary meeting with all stakeholders to display findings
  • Deliverables
  • Presentations and documentation containing: observations, desired state, any identified gaps, overall recommendations and prioritization of next steps.
start devops

Launch Enterprise Devops

Kubeify experts will help you take off with your Enterprise DevOps, including understanding your specific use cases, challenges and constraints, setting goals, building the architecture and implementing a POC. We’ll transfer all this knowledge to your engineers so your company can be self-sufficient.

    What will Kubeify provide?
  • Review of your use cases, challenges and constraints
  • Review your future plans and recommend solutions to set you up for success
  • Assist in the setting of goals for your adoption
  • Design and setup the ideal architecture to achieve the defined goals taking into consideration
  • Distributed Development, Scale and Performance
  • Artifact Lifecycle & Security Management
  • Distribution of Releases
DevOps Training

In-person training with Kubeify

Become a Kubernetes and Container Native DevOps expert with in-person training designed specifically for targeted learning goals. Our DevOps instructors deliver interactive, face-to-face courses, giving you the richest possible learning experience.

    What you can lean?
  • Container Native DevOps with Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Understanding of common CI/CD practices.
  • How to Establish DevSecOps standards in your organization
  • Access control and Security management
  • Artifact security scanning practices across your CI/CD pipelines

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We would help you to build a fault tolerant, secure and scalable system over kubernetes.